Ethics and Bollywood

Last night, the Casa Neuva Restaurant and Cantina, a local bar in Athens, Ohio, had a Bollywood dance night. Even if it is really close to finals weeks the bar was full of Indian students, who even if they are a little hesitant to visit bars otherwise, were there, shaking a leg to popular Bollywood numbers.

I have written about this earlier that the Indian diaspora is using Bollywood as a cultural identifier and as a connection that binds them. Hence I also decided to prominently feature Bollywood news on my site. But then there are some ethical issues that crop up even when featuring Bollywood news!

A few days back a popular Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, had a wardrobe malfunction, and needless to say the Indian media blew it out of proportion. But, now this kind if things though it arouses public interest is not quite important. So do I at all put in this kind of stuff that in my news judgement is trivial? Also since I am curating the news and not doing my original reporting, which website do I choose if I want to link it to a news site, the site that has reported it in the most sensational way, of the site that has it in moderation?


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