Time to Tweak the Idea.


As we prepare our final pitch presentations, and reconsider every possible questions that may come up, I’m rethinking the viability of this project.  Keeping in mind I am a full-time Ph.D. student, with a 20-hours a week job that pays for my stipend, how am I really going to keep up with curating the news everyday?

Unlike some of my colleagues, who are developing an one-time App one time, not to say that will not require time and effort or sustained maintenance, I have to keep up with this on a daily basis .Also the time difference between India and U.S.A may be a factor in updating the site, unless I have someone working for me in India or here on another shift, which will mean added expenditure.

I am actually now inclined to make my service a weekly service. This will help me to test-waters and moreover give me time to curate quality stuff. I could pick out the 10 important happenings of the week, and then have in-depth stories covering those issue or events and have it up on my site every Saturday morning, so that the users have the entire weekend to read the same. As for the write-up to go with these news stories, I will have a brief summary about the first the news and then about the story that I’m proving a link to.

But my initial problem which I sought to solve  was, how does one keep up with the daily news in India? How do I solve that problem? I do not know if ti is a viable option, but what if I could Tweet five important headline for the day? Five-words headline and then one sentence to elaborate. For example, and interesting story from India for today is- One if the Prime Ministerial candidates for the Indian general elections in 2014, Narendra Modi has called Gandhi, Mohanlal instead of Mohandas, and that has caused some stir. I can Tweet “Modi confuses Gandhi’s name. Refers to Gandhi as Mohanlal instead of Mohandas at a rally in Jaipur.” This kind of Tweeting will keep me relevant and in service through the week without burning myself out, and will also leave me time to do the curating stuff for the weekend.


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