The MVP for My Kind of News

While we want to make our projects useful and “cool”, in doing so we may often move away from the core function our app/site is suppose to perform. Hence revisiting the basic problem and how our app is suppose to solve them is a wise idea.

For me the problem that I seek to solve is: For the Indian diaspora in America,it is difficult to keep up with India related news on a everyday basis. Hence I need to have a product that will solve this problem.

My core product is have a news curated site that will have the 10 most important news from India everyday. I will provide a brief summary of these news and then link it to a news site that has a well written story on the same news.

The next question is what can be the MVP or minimum viable product for the same. In my case this will be a webpage that has a numbered list of news. A, four-six word headline followed by a 75-80 word summary of the news, followed by an active link that will link it to a news source. I plan to follow the Daily Beast Cheat Sheet Template. The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet however has a mug shot picture with every story, for which it gives a photo credit to either the photo stock service or the wire services, but I do not think I will be able to do that.


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