Socializing the Idea

As suggested by our Professor we need to socialize our idea that we have for our entrepreneurial projects. What is socializing an idea? According to the urban word dictionaries this word means to spread and idea with a hope that familiarity will gain it acceptance or build a consensus. I understanding it as bouncing an idea around, very much what we do with our story ideas before we write them.

So where do I socialize my idea? My first stop is the Facebook page for the Indian Students Association at Ohio University. This page has 219 users. These users are Ohio University students of the enrolled in various courses, but staying true to the Indian stereotype, they are mostly enrolled in the STEM subjects. Age range 22- 32 years, mostly graduate students.

The question that I am putting up on the page is- Will you guys subscribe to an app that will give you 10 most important news for NRIs everyday? As further explanation I will add- This app will have brief summaries of 10 most important news from India, and will lead you to a webpage that will give you the news in details, if you wish to read further. Skewed towards the requirements of NRIs this App will also have timely updates on immigration, higher education and any other legislation that are important to Indians living here.

Now let me see how many and what kind of responses I get to that.


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