Interacting With My TG

Last Saturday night,I got a chance to meet some of my target audience  when I went to the Indian Night, organized by Ohio University’s Indian Students’ Association. The occasion was to celebrate the Indian festival Diwali.

The ballroom at the Baker Center, at Ohio University, which holds 350 people was packed to capacity. In fact, the association spokesperson said that they had managed to sell all the tickets way before the scheduled end-date of the ticket sale.

The event was attended by a number of students from OU and Indians who are part of the Athens community. It was interesting to see what the Indians connected over and what does this diaspora community consider as inherently Indian.

There was Bollywood-song and dance. A lot of it. There were a few hybrid dance performances, such as Bharatnatyam mixed with belly dancing and a few traditional Indian raaga performances. The loudest applause of course were for the Bollywood dance performances. Even the American kids who are born and brought up here, put up performance of Bollywood dance.

This only prompts me to feature Bollywood even more prominently than I thought I would. Though I am a firm believer that Bollywood is not the only cultural symbol we have, but seeing the reaction of my target group towards Bollywood, I have to think otherwise.



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