Give Them Cricket!

Cricket is religion in India. It is the most popular and the most watched sport in India. The final match of the 2011 World Cup Cricket series (in which India played Sri Lanka), was watched by 67.6 million viewers over four hours. In contrast, the 2010 FIFA World Cup final was watched by only 1.5 million people in India. For most Indians who come to the US, a common grievance is they never get to see enough cricket here. And it is not just about watching cricket, culturally people also devote time to discussing a game and are very opinionated about it.

Cricket combines the idea of nostalgia; the feeling of staying connected to ones roots and ties in with the ethnic identity of the group that is my target audience.

So to give my audience more value for their time and money, I will prominently feature cricket-related news, as and when there is a tournament that is on. But considering there are scores of other news sites that are doing it, and actually will be doing it way better than me, I need to give them something extra or different.

I will again delve into the realm of nostalgia, and I am thinking of adding YouTube videos of some historical cricketing moments of the Indian Team. The audience is already aware of it, but somewhere curating these goose bump-inducing moments will help them refresh their memories, and serve as that add on to the current news. I can make it a weekly feature.

Some of the moments that I’d ideally curate is the nail biting finish of the Natwest Series, which is famous for the them captain’s reaction to the win.

The cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan go back a long way and curating a moment form these matches (where of course India won) will go down great with the audience. And Indian cricket is incomplete without the batsman Sachin Tendulkar, so I’d definitely have best moments of his matches. 


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