Saying It With Pictures


One of the things that anyone who visits India talks about is “colors” and “contrasts”. The country is vibrant when it comes to imagery in terms of these two things. Colors in India can be associated to almost anything- clothes, religion, cities, public transport- everything. And the contrasts come from the move towards urbanization, the existence of tradition in a rapidly growing industrial environment. To visitors when this can be a little too much to take it, through the eye of a discerning photographer these come out as timeless images. It will be stupid not to capture this vivid imagery of India from my audience. Images such as this one which document the celebration of the Indian festival Diwali, or this one which was shot in a mosque in New Delhi, India, or this one which captures the Hindu ritual of the holy dip in Kumbh Mela; will be curated into a “Photo of the day” or “Photo of the week” section- depending on the availability of the images.

I think organizations like NYT and Daily Beasts have tie-ups with several photographers, wire services and stock images companies such as Getty from where they get their pictures. But since I do not have these tie ups and may not be able to subscribe to them till my app/website starts paying for itself, I will actually source the images from publications with well stocked photoblogs. Though, I will check on the legal issues of sourcing the images.


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