More Options for News Curation

Looking for further places to curate India-related news, I think I will pay special attention to the India-related blog section of newspapers such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Since these are newspapers that are already published in USA, their India-related blogs have a diaspora skew to it already. Hence curating stories that are published here is going to be of interest to my target audience by default.

New York Times’ India-related blog is India Ink– Notes on the World’s largest democracy. This blog has some issue-based stories from India, all done in the light of recent events in India. The Wall Street Journal’s India related news blog is India Real Time– The Daily Pulse of the World’s Largest Democracy. It has in-depth coverage of issues that are in news in India.

A third news site that I would like to follow to curate news from is The Guardian’s data blog, which has some really awesome info-graphics on India, such as this interactive map on how many people die  due to building collapses in India, will be of interest to my audience. Though, The Guardian does not do an info-graphic on India very often, I should keep an eye out for it, and highlight the same on my site whenever one appears.


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