Trends Stories For The NRIs

While I look more into curating stories, I think I would devote at least one to two news stories per day on what we typically call trend stories. Stories that would most likely make it to the anchor of a daily broadsheet.

Some of the trend stories that I spotted, and I think will make a good read for my blog are such as these. One interesting and informative piece that I got on Buzzfeed, on the growing rental saree market in USA. The other two I got from an online paper, which has a section dedicated to the diaspora. One news is about the suicide among the Indian Americans, and the second one is about the trend of buying diamonds among the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

I think putting up these stories will further solve the issue of finding news stories that are of interest to the two sub-sets of groups among m audience that is the Indian diaspora. One group which is comprised of people of Indian origin who born and brought up in America, and hence are more “American” in their world view. And the second group are people who were born in India but then emigrated to USA. These trends stories are likely to interest both the groups.



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