Selecting the Sneezers

How to get the word out there? A good way to do that will be to get the influential diaspora to spread the word around. I have been looking at diaspora forums, and found some forums like this one that has listed some of the prominent members of the diaspora in USA.

Sree Sreenivasan is listen here, and myself have been following him on the social media networks for some time now. He is a faculty in the Columbia Journalism School and teaches social and digital media there. He has around 53,000 followers on Twiter. If I can get him to tweet about my app, I think I’ll get some people interested in my app. He can act as my sneezer. Why will he help me, well because he himself is interested in social and digital media (obviously), but that apart in 2010,  he helped create, a Manhattan-based news site that was named one of the six hottest news startups by BusinessInsider; and he is also the co-founder for the South Asian Journalist Association.

But the point is to get not just him to endorse me, but to get the likes of him endorse me. Selecting the sneezers is important, because all of them should not be professors, there has to be a mix of people, so that the message reaches the larger audience.


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