Curation Vs. Aggregation

Recently we got to present our entrepreneurial ideas to a group of industry practitioners who vetoed our ideas and offered suggestions for our projects. One of the suggestions that was given to me was to call my site a news curation service instead of a news aggregation site. This may be a good idea because, I’m not merely aggregating the news, but instead I’m using my journalistic skill and news judgment to pick and choose the stories that serve the best interest of my target audience. Also since I’m only going to provide the 10- most important news of the day, it is like curating the artifacts.

The other interesting suggestion that was offered to me was I should have something of value for my audience that relates to their lives in US. Hence I looked at some of the other community newspapers and found they all have some section that is related to immigration news – reforms and laws. So going by this trend I’m going to pay special emphasis on immigration. Immigration will literally become a beat for me, and whatever happens in that beat will be there on the site. I’m going to try and make section interactive by adding info-graphic.


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