Song and Dance- Is That All We Care About?

A review of some of the scholarly articles on media and the Indian diaspora, revealed that Bollywood, is something that the target audience relates to. Even in India, a country that is much divided along cultural, religious and linguistic lines, Bollywood is used as a unifying force.

Researchers point out that for the diaspora, Bollywood as a way of visualizing India. For the Indians who are born here, and growing up here, Bollywood apparently helps in identity formation. The song and dance that the Bollywood movies are noted for (which sometimes even to me seem ridiculous), is something that stands out as a cultural signifier for the diaspora. This song and dance Bollywood culture has spawned the idea of Bollywood Nights, in areas with sizeable migrant population. The Bollywood nights are where Desis gather and socialize, and also the place where young people (well may be also old) look for potential mates.

This makes me think two things, how much Bollywood content should I keep on my website? Also if Bollywood is so important, do I need to have original reporting instead of only linking readers to other sites?

There has not been much work done on the consumption of media by Indian diaspora. As much as I think Bollywood is important, I don’t think that is all that the diaspora cares about. And hence, balancing out the content is going to be important.


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