India Abroad- Magazine with a Focus

Scanning the competition further, I came across the weekly newspaper India Abroad. Founded in 1970, this subscription based paper claims to be the oldest Indian newspaper to be published in North America. The paper is presently owned by The subscription is, $18 for 6 months and $32 for a year. They also have a discount on student subscriptions, $9 for 6 months and $16 for a year. Considering there are around 200,000 Indian students studying abroad, this is a good strategy to get an audience. The circulation figures for the newspaper was 30,415 in the year 2011.

Through the Ohio University Library, I could access their electronic edition and I looked at the content of the latest issue. The focus of the issue was the anniversary of the shootout at the Sikh temple at Wisconsin. There were in-depth features and interviews on how the community was healing from the scars of the tragedy. The other stories had to do with things Indians are doing abroad.

But, this being a weekly newspaper, there was no India specific daily news. The magazine is very clear in its focus and stays true to its title India Abroad. This is one of the better diaspora magazine that I came across, which has some professional journalistic writing. It is more than just a community newsletter.

If this magazine has loyal subscribers, it indicates that there is definitely an audience among the Indian diaspora.


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