The Competition- Some Existing News Sites

As I gather more information on the audience and their choice of news sites, I’m trying to look at some of the existing news sites for the Indian Diaspora here. So far, I have found this app for android phones- it’s called Newshunt, which is a news and job search app. It can lead you to the websites for all major Indian newspapers in 11 Indian languages, and then on, the reader has access to the complete online editions of these newspapers. But, this is not really a news-aggregator app, as it is merely leading me onto the websites, no suggestions for what to look for, no recommendations for most important news.

The second news site that I checked out is Even before I could get into looking at the content critically, I observed the website has a really cluttered interface, and is not easy to navigate. The news section, has 4 sub-sections to choose from: Technology, Global Indian, India and Business. The Global Indian section, has news on Indian American public figures or Indian Americans in news. I understand the focus on the Technology section, as a lot of Indians here are working in the same sector. But as I go along and develop my site/app I should decide if I want to have a section on Indian Americans. 


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