Indian Diaspora- A Desirable Audience

 For my diaspora news project, the target audience is the Indian diaspora living in the United States. At present there are around 3.2 million Asian Indians, here in USA. In the last decade this population has grown by almost 69% and is still the fastest growing ethnic group in USA.  Presently this ethnic group only constitutes 1% of the US population, and my news site will only cater to this 1% of the population.

From a socio-economic standpoint, this is a highly desirable audience. According to the 2010 US census, the median household income of this group is $88,000. With many as  engaged medicine, the IT sector and teaching. Even though India as a country has a huge diversity of languages and there are as many as 22 officially recognized languages; the population residing here is well versed in English. Hence, aggregating news stories from websites that are in English, will suffice.

But, the linguistic divide leads the audience also to be divided along regions and hence may be interested in news of particular regions as much. I’m yet to decide how I’m going to segregate the content in terms of national news vs regional Indian news, and in what ration should they be presented?

I also have to keep in mind that the diaspora is a cross-generational one, where there are many who are new immigrants, and a part of this group is now first or second generation Americans. I would do further research on whether it is possible to attract both these sets of audience, with the same news?



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